Fresh fruit artisan jam. 

I am the artisan jam with the least amount of sugar and all the flavour of fruit. Essentially because I am the result of scientific research: they chose the best fruit for me everywhere in the world, which makes me so good that you can never get enough of me. The fruit I am made with is blast chilled to -40° using the Individual Quick Freezing method that keeps the taste and properties unaltered, then processed with a short vacuum cooking process at 60° again to maintain the organoleptic properties. When they add the sugar, very little, 99% pure, and the fruit pectin, which allows me to thicken, I'm ready to be enjoyed. This is how I become healthy and delicious: Do you want to try me? I'm healthy because I contain the minimum of sugar and the maximum of fresh fruit (75% and above) and I have no preservatives or other chemicals. I'm good because I retain all the timeless flavour of ripe fruit as if freshly picked from the tree. Discover all my flavours and start enjoying real fruit. 

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